Great news for Jeep Duckers!

Hi Jeeper Duckers 🖐🏼

Great news with this new tool for Jeeper Duckers!
Visit to pin your Ducked Jeep and/or the Jeep you ducked!
Let’s see soon in which state or country there more ducks on Jeeps!
Ducked Jeep Map
BREAKING NEWS: There free Duck Jeep TAG available for you HERE

Reminder, you can redeem your Waves for FREE Rubber Ducks 🐥 (Learn more)

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Be equipped to Duck Jeeps 🦆[][][][][][][]🦆 New EXCLUSIVE Designs!

You can now specify if you got Ducked and/or if you are ducking Jeeps on the Jeeps map You are rewarded 😉
Stay safe and thanks for sharing to all JeepDuckers 🤙🏼

Jeep Ducking Face Mask
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