the Jeep Wave

What is the Jeep Wave?
Whether born during World War II or after is almost a detail! Doing the Jeep Wave is enjoying a privilege that ALL Jeep owners have. The Jeep Wave is a tradition among all Jeep drivers, it’s a friendly reminder you drive the best vehicle in the world: A Jeep!.
Enjoy and perpetuate this lifestyle that all drivers of other brands envy. Just Wave it!

What can I do with my Waves?
You can redeem them for Jeep Gifts 😉




Waves Bonus

List of actions that grants Waves

AmountsActionsLimits max.
+3000 For 1st place by photo contestBy contest
+2000 For 2nd place by photo contestBy contest
+1000 For 3rd place by photo contestBy contest
+100 For locating YOUR Jeep5 times in total
+100 For creating your Dating ProfileOnce
+50 For registeringOnce
+30 For referring a new member3 times max. / Day
+25 For your birthdayOnce per year
+25 For being a member for a yearOnce per year
+25 For published and approved Event, Club or DealershipOnce per day
+25 For published and approved ClassifiedsOnce per day
+25 For Jeep surveys proposal.Once if published
+10 For submission to photo contestOnce per day
+10 For published and approved Jeep MemeOnce per day
+10 For taking Jeep surveysOnce per survey
+5 For reviewing product on Jeep Gifts StoreOnce per product
+2 For new comment2 first times by post but once per day
+1 For reviewing Event, Club or DealershipOnce per week
+1 For reviewing ClassifiedsOnce per week
+1 For reviewing a Jeep3 times per week
+1 For vote in photo contest5 times per day
+XXX For purchase a Jeep Gift (Consult each product)Each purchase
+XXX For spinning the JeepWavers Waves WheelFollow us on every Social Network below to know when you can spin 😉
Even more options to earn Waves are coming soon! Stay tuned 😉

From time to time we offer Waves to our followers, be sure to follow us on ALL these Social Networks 😉

Waves Malus

List of actions that make you lose Waves

AmountsActionsLimits max.
-5 For comment marked as SPAMOnce per comment
-4 For deleted / unapproved commentOnce per comment

JeepWaver Ranking

new-jeepwaver New JeepWaver>0 - 999<
trusted-jeepwaver Trusted JeepWaver>1.000 - 4.999<
advanced-jeepwaver Advanced JeepWaver>5.000 - 9.999<
elite-jeepwaver Elite JeepWaver>10.000 - 19.999<
legend-jeepwaver Legend JeepWaver>20.000