the Jeep Wave

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Whether born during World War II or after is almost a detail! Doing the Jeep Wave is enjoying a privilege that ALL Jeep owners have. The Jeep Wave is a tradition among all Jeep drivers, it’s a friendly reminder you drive the best vehicle in the world: A Jeep!.
Enjoy and perpetuate this lifestyle that all drivers of other brands envy. Just Wave it!

What is JeepWavers Waves?
Participate on our website to collect JeepWavers Waves. See Rewards table below to know how to collect JeepWavers Waves.
What can I do with my Waves?
You can redeem them for Jeep Gifts 😉




Waves Bonus

List of actions that grants Waves

AmountsActionsLimits max.
+200 For locating YOUR Jeep5 times in total
+100 For creating your Dating ProfileOnce
+50 For registeringOnce
+25 For your birthdayOnce per year
+25 For being a member for a yearOnce per year
+25 For published and approved Event, Club or DealershipOnce per day
+25 For Jeep surveys proposal.Once if published
+10 For published and approved Jeep MemeOnce per day
+10 For taking Jeep surveysOnce per survey
+5 For reviewing a Jeep3 times per week
+5 For reviewing product on Jeep Gifts StoreOnce per product
+2 For new comment2 first times by post but once per day
+1 For reviewing Event, Club or DealershipOnce per week
+XXX For purchase a Jeep Gift (Consult each product)Each purchase
+XXX For spinning the JeepWavers Waves WheelFollow us on every Social Network below to know when you can spin 😉
Even more options to earn Waves are coming soon! Stay tuned 😉

From time to time we offer Waves to our followers, be sure to follow us on ALL these Social Networks 😉

Waves Malus

List of actions that make you lose Waves

AmountsActionsLimits max.
-5 For comment marked as SPAMOnce per comment
-4 For deleted / unapproved commentOnce per comment

JeepWaver Ranking

new-jeepwaver New JeepWaver>0 - 999<
trusted-jeepwaver Trusted JeepWaver>1.000 - 4.999<
advanced-jeepwaver Advanced JeepWaver>5.000 - 9.999<
elite-jeepwaver Elite JeepWaver>10.000 - 19.999<
legend-jeepwaver Legend JeepWaver>20.000