Miss Jeep Photos Contest

Participation Rules:
For this second Miss Jeep contest, you can upload up to 5 photos OF YOU close to YOUR Jeep! (Your first choice will be the cover of your gallery, remember to always Wave on the photo 😉 ).
You can upload only once (Be sure to have all your photos ready before starting the upload).
You can’t vote for your own photos. You can vote once for only other 50 competitors.
You will earn 1 Wave by vote. Once you submit your votes all choices will be final. (Tip: Wait for the end of upload period to start voting)
The winner of this contest will earn 3000 Waves, the second will earn 2000 Waves and the third will earn 1000 Waves.
You can submit to participate till: 06/23/2020
You can vote till: 06/30/2020
Share on social networks to invite your friends to help you win (Profile, Pages and Groups). Good Luck!

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